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材质:90% 涤纶和 10% 腈纶,透气亲肤,透明的花卉蕾丝内衣,穿着非常柔软舒适,让爱人惊艳的触感。这款蕾丝网格设计搭配全身花卉图案,融合浪漫女性的边缘,增添魅力

性感蕾丝深 V 内衣和露背设计,加上花边蕾丝花边装饰,让他的眼睛紧随您走下。当你大胆在一起时,他会轻轻地释放背上的蝴蝶蝴蝶结,创造更多神秘和性感。

性感迷人的眼扣和背部有长丝带,背面有丝带蝴蝶结,背面有一条丝带。透明的丁字裤丁字裤 - 穿上这款精美薄纱蕾丝娃娃内衣睡衣展现您的爱前性感和女性。

适合婚礼夜、蜜月、情人节、纪念日、特殊夜、卧室、浴室或每晚。适合女士睡衣,定做惊艳! 感受自己 - 我们的蕾丝娃娃睡衣对您的身材自信


  • Material: 90% polyester and 10% acrylic,breathable and skin-friendly, sheer floral lace lingerie is very soft and comfortable to wear,give your lover amazing touch.The lace mesh designed with floral patterns all body round and blends the edginess of romantic femininity for added charming

  • Featuring a sexy lace deep V lingerie and backless design, added with floral eyelash lace trim,guid his eyeys follow you up to down.When you huge together soulfully,he will untie the butterfly bowknot on your back gentlely,creating more mysterious and sexy.

  • Sexy and attractive eye closure and long ribbons on the back, with ribbon bow tie and a pair of ribbons on the back.With a sheer G-String Thong - Show off your edgy sexy and feminine in this fabulous sheer lace babydoll lingerie nightwear.

  • Perfect for Wedding Night, Honeymoon, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, special night,Bedroom, Bathroom or every night.Suitable For Lady Nightwear, makes you a stunner! Feel Self - confident of your figure by our lace babydoll sleepwear

  • Notice:our size is not US size and smaller than average sizes,recommended to choose a larger one.

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