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About This Deal

Strong Viscosity: Through new nano technology and adaptable material, nano tape stick on all surfaces. Sturdy and durable, transparent.

Easy Remove: Leave no traces on the wall or any surface. Do not damage walls or surfaces.

Washable & Reusable: When nano grip tape gets dirty, you can wash it with water. DO NOT use any other wipes or detergent. You just need to wash and dry it to restore the sticky then reuse again.

Widely Suitable: Sticky tape can be used for smooth walls, doors, Windows, floors, glass, countertops, mirrors or tiles.It can also be used in homes, offices, cars and so on.It works well in the temperature range of -16℃-62℃. To ensure good bonding effect, please ensure the surface clean, no holes, no dust, no dry before use.

Multifunctional: The poster tape is suitable for pasting posters, photo frames, gadgets, wall decoration, repair carpets and other small items that need to be hung up.The nano strip can carry up to a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of material on a smooth surface.

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