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Made with long lasting, sturdy, flexible PP composite materials.

You can fold items to a uniform size in less than five seconds

Space-efficient design, Folds up to store away easily without taking up much space.

Old Practically anything in no time at all t-shirts, short- and long-sleeve shirts and more

Fold your shirts, pants, towels and thick clothes in just minutes using this expert laundry folder.

Christian Hull, an Australian Internet personality, shared via TikTok and Twitter, the utter bliss he recently found upon using a shirt folding device.

In the video, Hull demonstrates how to use the shirt folding board with contagious enthusiasm. His caption only helped to confirm that the folding device was not only a necessary part of doing laundry, but for living a happy and fulfilling life: “When I bought this shirt folder I didn’t realise how much joy it was going to bring me!

Guy Is So Happy Just Folding Shirts


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